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How safe is email?  As to email, it is possible that a system administrator at the company hosting your email could potentially read your mail. In addition, email moves through the Internet on servers controlled by thousands of government, education and private sector organizations. It is possible, though unlikely, that a system administrator somewhere in that path could capture and read email. If you want to be very careful, you should encrypt your email, especially if the content is highly

Our Mission


ELawFiles is an online service dedicated to helping the legal profession to achieve results that exceed expectations through commitment to clients.  Adding maximum value to their business by helping them become more accessible, efficient, responsive and technologically sophisticated.  Through communication, we facilitate the ability for attorneys to take a genuine interest in their clients, understand their objectives, and meet or exceed their expectations.  Our tools create a paradigm for attorneys to provide superior legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis,

How it Works


ELawFiles is a simple concept.  Store your clients file in the cloud, give them access to that information.  Add tools that increase the level of communication and cooporation between Attorney, Support Staff, and Client.  Make the secure site accessable to all necessary parties.  Communicate, upload, assign tasks, and manage schedules from one centralized location that is accessable from anywhere there is an internet connection, on a wide range of devices.

Welcome to ELawFiles


ELawFiles is a new concept in customer service, support and communication.  With the fast paced world of litigation and legal representation, it is sometimes the norm for the client to be feeling left out of the loop.  Some clients become frustrated, even though you are working hard to provide them the best representation and secure them the most beneficial outcome to their case.  Their feelings are borne from your limited resources of communication.  Now, that can all be avoided.  Each