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Files can be uploaded for review at any time from any place, on multiple web devices.  These files can be documents, photographs, videos, or spreadsheets.  They can be accessed by the lawyer or client through a secure encrypted connection at any time.



If you have an appointment with a client, you can put it right into the system.  The client can get email reminders at regular intervals up to the day of the appointment.  The appointment is logged on a general calendar in the cloud, allowing access from any device at any time.



Tasks can be assigned to your client, contractors, employees, and yourself in each case file.  Tasks are color coded for priority, and are kept on file after complete.  This function keeps everyone accountable for their own contribution to a case.



Every case file has it’s own private conversation page.  Here you and your client can post questions, comments, and answers that remain available to refer to at any point in the future.  Conversations are retained for future reference, are searchable, as well as categorized by topic.  None can be deleted, and this does truly become a permanent record.