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Cross Platform


Our site is designed to allow the user to access it from any web enabled device, regardless of the operating system.  Using a cloud based solution eliminates the need for software, and allows for the use of less expensive hardware to access the system.  Simplicity of design, with mobility and functionality as a primary goal, ELawFiles has changed the way you look at client relationships.

The Idea


The idea behind ELawFiles is to serve as a single point of access for all communications with your client.  Eliminating the time waste of meetings and phone conversations, it allows you to communicate, share, document, and track your clients needs.  The system improves service and customer satisfaction, while lowering the time investment of the attorney.



Methods of communication are changing. It was not that long ago that email was the sole form of electronic communication. While it is still the dominant method—91% of U.S. adults use email—shorter messaging is on the rise. In the US, 67% of adult cell phone owners use text messaging (also known as SMS, or short message system). Social networking (e.g., Facebook®, Google Plus®) is also garnering more attention, with 50% of U.S. adults using some type of social site. Furthermore,