Welcome to ELawFiles

ELawFiles is a new concept in customer service, support and communication.  With the fast paced world of litigation and legal representation, it is sometimes the norm for the client to be feeling left out of the loop.  Some clients become frustrated, even though you are working hard to provide them the best representation and secure them the most beneficial outcome to their case.  Their feelings are borne from your limited resources of communication.  Now, that can all be avoided.  Each and every one of your clients can feel that they are the most important client that you have.  They can know that all the information of their file is at their fingertips.  They can be kept up to date with all the documents, tasks, and management that you do on their file.  And you can have your files at all times in the cloud, all the evidence, conversations, and photos can be retrieved from any mobile device.

This is the new world, and you can be in the driver’s seat.